At KCM Travel we are happy to help with whatever we can. From family trips to the Gold Coast theme parks, to corporate trips domestic and international. We pride ourselves on the ongoing service we provide to our corporate accounts and work endlessly to ensure every need is taken care of.

Usually when traveling for work, things never seem to go to plan. You either need to come back early, stay an extra night, arrange an extra person to come along, or find out how to get to a particular destination. The lovely staff at KCM Travel are there to help, and ensure that your business trips, or your employees business trips are spent doing business rather than on the phone for hours fixing potential issues. We all know how time consuming it can be when we need to change a flight, not only do you spend hours on the phone waiting to eventually talk to someone that might be able to help, but it usually ends with no resolution and sometimes leaves you thousands out of pocket. You end up taking your mind of the reason your there, which is to enjoy your business trip and get the most out of it you can. 

Corporate accounts can benefit so many aspects of your business. Not only is everything much more streamlined and organised, but you don't have the issue of searching every website for the cheapest way to travel. We do this all for you! It is surprising how much can be saved when a travel agent comes into the equation. With access to rates, that unfortunately customers just don't have access to, it means we can find much more cost effective solutions to your travels, saving you thousands every year.

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